SwapLoader (Hydraulic)

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TruckCorp proudly offers a full line of Brandon Manufacturing carbon steel dump bodies from 8 to 22 feet, featuring rugged, high-performance designs and expert installation. To ensure a successful build, we create a rendering depicting critical measurements and component placement for review before the building process begins.  Our upfit packages include a control panel installed in the chassis that handles dump functions with precision in all weather and road conditions. Being in control of the vehicle’s functions from where you’re seated helps you get the job done quickly, effectively and safely. See our brochure below to review the available options. Whether you are hauling high-volume materials or running asphalt, we have your solution!

SL-75 (7.500 lb. Capacity)

SL-212 (20,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-222 (22,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-330 (33,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-412 (40,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-105 (10,500 lb. Capacity)

SL-214 (20,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-240 (24,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-400 (40,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-518 (54,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-650 (65,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-160 (16,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-220 (22,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-2418 (24,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-406 (40,000 lb. Capacity)

SL-520 (50,000 lb. Capacity)

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