The GPC X1 cantilever series combines the lowest weight in its class with exceptional durability and low maintenance requirements

Standard Features

Platform automatic leveling with soft landing

Aluminum platform

Platform warning lights

Dual cart stops

Platform ground rollers

Stainless cylinder rods with nitrate treatment

Completely sealed flat panel main control

Hand held control

Cab cut-off switch

Key Features

X1 technology simplifies the entire lifting mechanism by eliminating two cylinders. The simple structure means that there is less to maintain over the life of the liftgate

Standard aluminum platform is robust and lightweight

Standard dual cart stops and cab power cut off switch

When stowed, the underside of the flat platform surface is ideal for decals

Waterproof hand-held remote control

Equipped with Service Switch, which enables the service mechanic to operate and test all lift functions

Equipped with grease-free bearings

Optional Features

Full Door Seal Kit

Flip-Up Door with Seal Kit

Foot Controls

Side Roll Off Guards

Install Fixture

24 Volt Pump/Motor System

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