Global “M” Purpose-Built Line of Street Sweepers offer a unique mix of options, sales features and warranties.  We are proud to offer a Two(2) Year Engine Warranty, 1000-Hour Warranty for Dirt Shoes, an 2000-Hour Elevator Sprocket Warranty.  All part of standard equipment!

  • Operator has the ability to watch Right & Left Gutter brooms at all times, sweeping anywhere without changing seating positions and re-adjusting mirrors.

  • Powerful sweeping system capable of sweeping sand, gravel up to 1 Ton every 20 Seconds!

  • Center-Mounted Pick Up Broom allows for easy access to all Cul-de-Sacs, reducing the possibility of damaging dirt shoes, and minimizing trailing during sharp turns.

  • Designed to offer easy access to engine, pumps and all hydraulic components greatly reducing maintenance costs.

  • Highway Top Speed of 67mph, meets all 2018 Emissions Standards as well as all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

  • Hopper Load Leveling Device and In-Cab Hopper Full Indicator included as part of standard equipment.

  • Two(2) Year Cummins Engine Warranty Standard.

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