The casing & pipe trailers are flatbed trailers designed with one essential purpose in mind: getting drill steel and pipes from the warehouse to the site. You can’t do much on an oilfield without these components, and consequently you can’t do much without the pipe and casing trailer.

Lighter duty than its oilfield trailer cousins, pipe and casing trailers are designed for your site’s prepped areas where it can get in and out easily, without facing the brutal terrain that composes most of the oilfield. However, this doesn’t mean we’ve sacrificed anything when it comes to toughness. Our pipe and casing trailers benefit from the same care and attention to detail that makes ITI trailers the model of durability.

At 45 feet long and equipped with stanchion posts, our pipe and casing trailers are ready to handle your important loads. Each trailer features a step-up bumper with tow ring, and spring suspensions. If your operation requires special specifications, however, that’s no problem. We will customize any part of the pipe and casing trailer to meet your request. Whether it is a well placed toolbox or a few extra feet that will help you get the job done, we have the knowledge and expertise to make it just the way you imagined.

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